The best of YouTube: #3

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The best of YouTube 3

Every week, MusicRadar trawls YouTube for the good, bad and ugly music clips you really must see. In this roundup, you have everything from a Bon Jovi song sounding good to Muppet drumming.


1. Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer acoustic version
Excellent. And no JBJ anywhere. And more: here’s a tribute to the cover version from guitar prodigy Sungha Jung

2. Outkast’s Hey Ya Cover acoustic version
Another great example of an inventive cover version.

3. Chic vs Slash!

4. Gene Simmons bass solo
For all the $millions Gene Simmons has made from Kiss, this probably accounts for 5 cents.

5. Bootsy Collins bass solo
MusicRadar just digs his star-shaped bass, to be honest. And his cape. Oh, and the man in a nappy/diaper.


1. A brief history of arpeggiators
forthcoming Omnisphere.

2. Nintendo DS as MIDI controller
Korg DS-10

3. Kanye West, Daft Punk and four Lemur controllers
JazzMutant’s amazing touchscreen control surfaces

4. Goldfrapp plays theremin
Current hit album Seventh Tree has a folky ambience, but Goldfrapp have always loved their electronic gadgetry. See Alison tear it up on the theremin at the end of this 2003 Top Of The Pops performance.

5. Jamie Lidell on Max/MSP


1. Blue Man Group playing the drumbone
The instrument seen on the famed Intel Pentium 4 ad being played live at the Berlin Music Awards.

2. Hyperactive – creative drum programming from Lasse Gjertsen
See how some innovative video editing turns this big-haired loon into a human beatbox.

3. Bert and Ernie go brutal

4. Zoro drum solo at Bass’N Drum Days 2006

5. Drum‘n’bass master KJ Sawka

Live drum ‘n’ bass drumming on radio
KJ Sawka in his basement