Rock Band 2 TV commercials feature AC/DC's Let There Be Rock

Let there be plastic guitars...

One of the better TV commercials we've seen lately isn't one we've seen on TV, but on YouTube: It's for Rock Band 2, featuring AC/DC's Let There Be Rock.

Let There Be Rock is one of over 80 tracks that will appear on the upcoming game system, and if ever there was a song tailor-made for a product, this is it. Two versions of the commercial have been shot, one that lasts a minute and another that clocks in at slightly under 30 seconds.

But let's get the full effect and watch the minute-long commercial.

In other AC/DC news, it has been announced that a limited-edition "deluxe" version of their upcoming album Black Ice will be housed in a special hardcover package featuring a blue AC/DC logo. It will also come with a 30-page expanded booklet with exclusive illustrations and photographs. (That's the one we want.)

Black Ice is set for release October 20 and will sold exclusively at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and AC/DC's official website in the US. AC/DC remain one of the few superstar bands not yet on iTunes.

Oh, and in case you didn't hear us the first time, Let There Be Rock!