Robber impersonates Paul Simon in bank scam - epic fail

Con artist is 6'1", Simon is 5'3"

Felon impersonates Paul Simon in bank scam epic fail

If you're going to try to pass yourself off as Paul Simon at the bank, you should try to look like him, even a little. This is the lesson Rafael Ramos learned yesterday when he tried to withdraw $4,300 from the Rock Hall Famer's account.

According to the New York Post, Ramos entered a Manhattan Citibank and claimed to be Paul Simon. The 54-year-old came sort of prepared: he had in his possession a forged credit card and driver's license along with Simon's actual Social Security number.

One thing, however, tipped off the bank teller: the unfamous Ramos stood a towering 6'1" - a big difference from the famous Paul Simon, who measures in at 5'3". (Perhaps he should have tried to pass himself off as Art Garfunkel - he's a solid six feet.)

When the suspicious teller refused to allow Ramos to withdraw the funds, the con realized that his scam had gone awry and quickly fled the institution - only to be apprehended by a police officer. Later, Ramos was hospitalized and told police that he was "depressed." (Wait till the prison doors slam shut - he won't be Feelin' Groovy then.)

The real Simon was questioned by authorities, and he said he had no knowledge of Ramos, had never met the man, and had no idea how he got a hold of his Social Security number and bank information. With any luck, though, he'll get some songs out of the situation.