NAMM 2017: Mooer teases 10 guitar preamp mini pedals

Stompboxes based on classic amp designs

NAMM 2017 Mooer teases 10 guitar preamp mini pedals
We're expecting big things from these tiny preamps.

NAMM 2017: We already know that Mooer will be bringing its Devin Townsend signature Ocean Machine delay/reverb pedal to NAMM, but we've also caught wind of a 10-strong new product line of preamp mini pedals.

Each pedal is a digital recreation of a classic valve amp, and packs treble, mid, bass, volume and gain controls, as well as switchable channels and cabinet modelling.

Mooer has yet to confirm what each preamp is based on, but judging from the enclosures, we can expect models inspired by Marshall, Vox, EVH, Mesa/Boogie and Fender amps, and even a few boutique brands, possibly Bogner, Friedman and Matchless.

UPDATE: Ola Englund has verified that four of the pedals are based on the Diezel Hagen, Mesa/Boogie Mark III, EVH 5150 and Engl Blackmore in the demo video below.

YouTube :

Mooer has now confirmed that these will each retail for $99 - we like the sound of that. Rest assured, we'll be taking a closer look at these next week.

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