NAMM 2008: Fender teases with new EVH prototype

One of the many attractions of Fender's booth at Winter NAMM 2008 was a new prototype signature guitar designed in collaboration with none other than Mr Edward Van Halen.

Following previous associations with Music Man and Peavey, Van Halen's recent relationship with Fender has so far yielded the £15,000+ 'Frankenstein' replica and the EVH-branded amplifier range.

It looks likely that the next addition to the EVH product line will be a new signature model. With what appears to be a similar spec to the Peavey Wolfgang and previous Music Man signature instruments, the guitar remained locked in its glass case for the duration of the show so we were unable to ascertain much more than the accompanying pictures reveal.

Until MusicRadar brings you more on the new Van Halen signature instrument, check out our EVH-flavoured tutorial, or find solace in this YouTube video clip that proves even fleet-fingered legends have their share of bad days at the office...


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