Kustom releases 'big sounding' small amp

The Kustom Double Barrel packs a mere 30watts but through two 12" speakers

Amp manufacturer Kustom has released the Double Barrel: a new practice amp combo - but unusually for a low-powered amp, it features 2 x 12” speakers and a external speaker output that´s designed to power a 4 x 12 cab.

The solid-state Kustom Double Barrel is the spiritual successor to Kustom´s smaller practice amp, the 12 Gauge, which aimed to deliver a big sound through an amp with a manageable, low wattage (16watts to be precise). The Double Barrel combo upscales things slightly, delivering 30watts of power. According to Kustom, the new amp is ideal for practice as well as “rehearsals, jam sessions and smaller gigs.”

The Double Barrel is a two-channel affair that also features delay, reverb and chorus effects in addition to the standard line out and headphone out jacks.

It´s available now at a price of £149 RRP.

By Chris Wickett