G&L unveils the ASAT Classic Alnico

Features two Alnico V pickups

Image 1 of 2 G L ASAT Classic Alnico Autumn Burst
Featuring a Sugar Pine body
Image 2 of 2 G L ASAT Classic Alnico Butterscotch Blonde
Featuring a Swamp Ash body

G&L, the firm founded by Leo Fender and fellow Fender alumni George Fullerton in the late 70s, has announced a new alnico pickup-equipped variant of its T-style model, the ASAT Classic.

The new model replaces the Magnetic Field Design single-coils of the traditional ASAT Classic with a pair of Alnico V pickups that have been specced by Paul Gagon (the veteran engineer who's worked for Fender, Jackson/Charvel and G&L).

Alnico V pickups are traditionally prized for their well-rounded tone and their twang-y punch and G&L claims its new Alnico V Neck, in particular, "offers a fuller tone that leaves those anemic old pickups in the dust."

Either way, they certainly look the part. Check out the gallery to see both finishes.