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Download new track Mover now

Download new track Mover now

The Verve

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Two tracks for streaming

Two tracks for streaming


Recently we told you about upcoming albums from The Verve and Slipknot. Both bands are anxious for fans to hear their new music, and they're feeling generous, to varying degrees.

The Verve are offering a new track, Mover, as a free download. Just click on the band's website and go to it. In our opinion, if this track is any indication of the rest of Forth, the band's first album in 11 years, the wait has been worth it.

Across the pond, in Iowa to be exact, Slipknot have regrouped after several years of solo projects. Their upcoming CD, All Hope Is Gone, is said to be their fiercest set ever, and judging from the two tracks available for streaming on guitarist Mick Thompson's MySpace page, "fierce" is certainly the word.

Forth will be released internationally on August 18 (the next day in North America) and All Hope Is Gone drops on August 26.