Epiphone announces 'Thunderhorse' Explorer Outfit

Metalocalypse signature model

Image 1 of 6 Epiphone Brendon Small Thunderhorse Explorer
The Brendon Small 'Thunderhorse' Explorer Outfit follows in the footsteps of the original Gibson
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Epiphone has revealed a limited edition signature model designed for Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small, dubbed the 'Thunderhorse' Explorer Outfit.

Despite the fact that it's primarily a pared-down version of the previously released Gibson Dethklok 'Thunderhorse' Explorer, the Epiphone model still has an impressive feature list, including Gibson USA Burstbucker pickups, an all-mahogany body and neck, a Locktone bridge and Grover Mini-Rotomatic tuners. The Epiphone version will also offer coil-tapping capabilities - a feature not found on the original Gibson model.

The colour scheme is a none-more-metal Silverburst and other nice touches include a 'Thunderhorse' headstock logo, a specially-designed Epiphone/Metalocalypse-branded gigbag and three Metalocalypse stickers.

Due to hit stores in mid-May, the current MSRP is $999, so expect street prices to be $600-700, which seems like a reasonable price to pay for channeling your inner Skwisgaar Skwigelf.

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezm5qim9lL4