Bogner launches La Grange overdrive/boost effects pedal

Guitar stompbox aims to replicate Plexi drive

In recent years, amp design legend Reinhold Bogner has been bringing the tones of the Uberschall, Shiva and Ecstasy to the floor, and the company's pedal line-up is now set to be bolstered by the La Grange overdrive/boost.

Based on Plexis from the mid-'60s right up to modded '90s incarnations via a three-way gain switch and channel blend (simulating a four-input '67-'69 Plexi), La Grange boasts an independent boost that can be used with or without the pedal's own drive.

A Variac mode engages extra dynamic compression and enhanced harmonics for an EVH-style 'brown sound', while a presence switch and structure switch (tight, loose or in between) further expand the range of tonal options.

Sounds pretty authentic to us. La Grange is available now for $249/£199.