Beastie Boys recording "political" new album

"If toilet talk and fart jokes are political…"

Beastie Boys
Beastie Boys: too old for fart jokes? Nah

The Beastie Boys may be busy rocking the mic for Barack Obama but they've still found time to record new material. The band have revealed that they hope to drop a brand new album in 2009. And, yes, it's "political". Sort of…

"We're actually in the middle of recording it right now," King Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz) explained to Billboard. "We hope to have it out sometime next year. It's a lot of vocals, a lot of words - very wordy. And it's political, depending on what you call political. You know, if toilet talk and fart jokes are political, which they can be, in that sense yeah, very."

Unfortunately, fans attending the Get Out and Vote 08 tour won't be treated to the new stuff: "It's always weird when you play the new songs that people don't know. Anytime we play new songs, it always seems like a brick."

A fresh outlook indeed. Perhaps Metallica should take note…