20 Hendrix Questions

Test your knowledge of perhaps the greatest electric guitarist of all time. We’ll post the answers too, but don’t cheat or you’ll be made to sit in the naughty chair!

Okay, here we go...

1. In which American city was Jimi Hendrix born? Was it: New York? Seattle? San Francisco?

2. Was Jimi’s band called: The Experience? The Experiment? The Explosion?

3. It’s said that Hendrix only agreed to come to England if he could meet a famous British guitarist. Was it: Jeff Beck? Jimmy Page? Eric Clapton?

4. Was the name of Jimi’s New York recording complex: Electric Lady Studios? Electric Mistress Studios? Electric Banana Studios?

5. Gibson created a black custom guitar for Jimi with arrowhead fingerboard inlays. Was it a: Les Paul? SG? Flying V?

6. Jimi wrote two songs where he used the phonetic spelling “Chile” instead of Child. One was Voodoo Chile: can you name the other?

7. In Hey Joe, why did the ballad’s anti-hero shoot his “old lady”?

8. Can you name Hendrix’s posthumous studio album?

9. “Is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?” is a line from which Hendrix song?

10. With which electric guitar did Hendrix become most associated?

11. Did Jimi play the guitar left or right-handed?

12. In the 1967 Hendrix hit single, did the wind cry: Martha? Marcia? Mary?

13. In Jimi’s original three-piece group, who played bass and drums?

14. Hendrix had only one chart-topping UK single. Was it: Purple Haze? All Along The Watchtower? Voodoo Chile?

15. Who wrote the Hendrix hit, All Along The Watchtower? Was it: John Lennon? Roger McGuinn? Bob Dylan?

16. What was it about the sleeve of Jimi’s 1967 album Electric Ladyland that so upset the establishment?

17. Jimi’s middle name is the same as that of a well-known make of British guitar amplifier. Is it: Marshall? Laney? Cornford?

18. In which chart-topping British R&B band had Jimi’s manager, Chas Chandler, been bassist? The Yardbirds? The Kinks? The Animals?

19. Jimi’s most famous performance was in 1969 at a festival on a farm in New York State. Was it: Woodcock? Woodblock? Woodstock?

20. His last big gig was at a festival held on a UK island. Was it: Isle of Wight? Isle of Mull? Isle of Man?

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