Vai’s Naked Tracks – Tune!

We’ve just downloaded Whispering a Prayer from Steve Vai’s Naked Tracks version of Alive in an Ultra World, and have been murdering what is a lovely tune ever since. If you know the track you’ll be aware that it’s main melody revolves around Vai’s use of his Sustainer-equipped Ibanez JEM, so we got hold of a Fernandes Retrorocket, tuned to E and dove (dived? doved?) right in.

The Naked Tracks concept provides classic Vai tunes with all lead guitars removed by the man himself. They’re official and a great way of testing just how good you are on the guitar and, if you’re us, you’ll realise just how good he is.

Put it this way: we won’t be tackling K’m-Pee-Du-Wee just yet...

Get them here...

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