New Fender Iron Maiden Signatures For NAMM

In this business, the helter-skelter rush towards Xmas and the New Year is closely followed by a trip (although not for all of us...grr!) to that Amercial: the Anaheim Convention Center to be precise. Yep, NAMM is almost upon us.

Amongst the literally hundreds of news releases we’ve received are a gaggle of top (and not so top) products from your favourite brands and companies. However, a story we’ve picked up concerns the soon-to-be-officially-announced brace of new Iron Maiden signature models: the Fender Dave Murray Strat, Steve Harris Precision bass, and Jackson Adrian Smith Signature.

We’ve managed to unearth some half-official shots (which are below), although we’re yet to receive word as to the spec of the instruments. What’s for sure is that they’ll appear in our NAMM round-up in the magazine, with a much closer look soon after.

So, here’s the Dave Murray Strat. We reckon it’ll be very similar to that that’s been HST-57DM model that’s been available in Japan for a while now...hope so.

The Jackson Adrian Smith is based on the MIDI’d-up version he used for most of the Somewhere In Time/Seventh Son... album 'n tour rotations, and you’ll recognise the option on the right from the thievery that took place in Greece a while back: the guitar has since been returned, we hear.

Shot taken from the brand new Jackson catalogue...

And here, for completion's sake, is a shot of the old Steve Harris IM bass. All we know of the newbie is that it too will be finished in metallic blue and it’s bound to also offer a Badass bridge and a brace of Seymour Duncan Quarterpounders.

What about the Janick Gers model, we hear you ask. Um, we’ll get back to you on that one...

More info, once it appears, from Fender...

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