NAMM 2007 Highlights: Tech 21

Tech 21 took time at NAMM to introduce a pair of new pedals: the Boost D.L.A., an analogue delay emulator and the Boost R.V.B., an analogue reverb emulator. Each incorporates a clean boost function for up to nine dB of additional volume. With boost and delay or boost and reverb in a single pedal, solos jump out with greater dimension.

The two units’ controls are engineered so you can explore and custom tailor such delay styles as digital, vintage tape and bucket brigade, and such reverb styles as spring, plate and natural room/hall ambiance.

The company also announced the introduction of its Power Engine series in larger formats. Known as a 60-watt, 1x12, multi-purpose powered extension cabinet, Tech 21’s popular Power Engine 60 is now available in two new configurations: a 2x12 loaded with Celestion Seventy 80 speakers, and a 4x10 loaded with custom-designed Eminence speakers.

The Power Engine 60s can be used with any direct recording device or pre-amp from any manufacturer, including Tech 21’s own line of SansAmps. When you plug your favourite device into a Power Engine, you get 60 transparent watts of volume without affecting the tone.

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