Jack & Bobby: Return of The Kings

Old-skool readers of Guitarist will remember the two crotchety Yorkshiremen who littered the CD with random and – let’s be fair – whippet and bitter-fueled ramblings back in the 1990’s.

Well, even they have succumbed to modern-day trappings and have set-up their own MySpace site that includes snippets from all classic Guitarist skits: Guide to Jazz, Guide to Blues and much more.

For those readers who still believe the CD and, indeed, the mag should be totally devoid of anything resembling a sense of humour, check the lads out and think how bad it could have been.

For everyone else who actually enjoys spending time outside on occasion knock the top off a pint of Gruttock’s Old Peculiar and prepare for tears of laughter to course down your cheeks yet again.

We’re still trying to coax them back onto the CD for one more go, but they’re not as hardy as they once were...bless.

Jack & Bobby mayhem...click here

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