Fender Presidential Select Strat

Rock n’ Roll and booze have always been comfortable bedfellows, and the Fender Custom Shop has produced what must be the ultimate marriage between the humble guitar and good old fire-water.

The instrument in question is the Presidential Select Stratocaster that features a hand-selected maple top, custom-designed single-coils, gold hardware throughout and some subtle yet striking inlay-work.

The USP here is that each of the 100 guitars will also come with a case of Fender 60th Anniversary Presidential Select wine produced by the Hill Family estate in California. The six bottles are presented in a unique case constructed from spruce and paloscrito wood and, what’s more, each guitar is hand-stained using grape must from the winery!

If you wanted to buy a bottle of this wine it’s set you back around $1000 and, if you can actually find one, the guitar package is likely to be significantly more…

Oggle the package right…here

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