ESP Iron Cross and Ouija: We Got Them!

After making a real stir at ESP’s Winter NAMM booth, the very first examples of the new Metallica signature models, the Iron Cross and KH-2 Ouija, to make it out of the company’s Japanese Custom Shop have landed – and they’ve landed in our warehouse.

With just nine examples of the Iron Cross and a mere three white Ouijas available for the UK, we’re very grateful to our good pals at ESP UK who’ve split atoms, moved mountains and parted seas to enable us to bring you the heaviest exclusive of 2009 so far.

What’s even better is that this example of the Iron Cross bears the serial number E00, and it’s been confirmed by ESP Japan that this was one of the very models Mr Hetfield himself checked out during the design process. We’ve played it, loved it and caressed it, but we’re yet to notice any of the great man’s amazing rhythm playing rubbing off on us.

We’ll be featuring the guitars in the October issue of Guitarist but for now here’s two of Guitarist’s number doing a rather shabby impression of messers Hetfield and Hammett – acting like eejits, in other words...bless.

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