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As we’ve just taken delivery of a brand spanking new EVH Wolfgang all ready for a big review, video and feature next issue, we thought we’d go back through time and revisit some of Ed’s guitar highlights.

Not too many words, just a few pictures to take us back to when Eddie was a true hero, not someone who’s...well...a little more eccentric in his tastes these days.

Here’s where it all started. A guitar built on the floor of Wayne Charvel’s repair shop in 1974 comprising Charvel and Boogie Body bits plus the humbucker from an old Gibson semi. Stripes artist’s own work...

Although Ed never had a formal Kramer endorsement deal, he used several Kramer necks with the original Frankenstein, plus guitars specially built from scratch at the Kramer factory. He sometimes featured in the company’s ads...as above.

With David Lee Roth one foot out the door, Ed chose Ernie Ball to produce his very first signature model, the Ernie Ball/Music Man EVH

What seemed mere minutes later, Ed jumped ship to Peavey and produced the first of a number of incarnations of the Wolfgang, named after his son who is, of course, VH bassist.

Whispers of a jump to Fender got louder and louder, hardly dampened by the release of the limited - and rather nice – Charvel EVH Art Series, available in black/white, yellow/black and red/white/black.

In what proved to be a great move, Fender’s Custom Shop announced details of the Frankenstein Replica, built by master luthier Chip Ellis. Based on Ed’s original Bitsa, it’s a true work of art and, if you can still find one for sale, you’ll need a big old wallet.

Here’s Guitarist with one of just 300 Frankensteins produced. We still mourn its return with a heavy heart and soggy hankie...

And finally, coming right up to date, the brand new EVH Wolfgang, premiered at Winter NAMM 2009.

“Everything that I’ve built, destroyed, stumbled onto, learned and experienced is in this guitar.” Says Ed on EVHGear.com and it shows...

Don’t miss the review and video in the September issue of Guitarist...

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