How to build your own cardboard Eurorack modular case

Fancy something a touch more personal than an off-the-shelf case for your modular synths?

There are highly skilled custom case manufacturers out there worth investigating, namely those of Goike and Lamond Designs. Also consider the IKEA-self-assembly-style Ginko Synthese Wooden Case Kits (email for info on powered kits).

However, if you are on the strictest of budgets or want to quickly prototype a case you intend to build from more permanent materials, you could just purchase metal Tiptop Audio Z-Rails (£32), a uZeus (£65) and PSU (£15), making a case from wood or even cardboard. Here we show you how.

Please note that metal rails are required as they dissipate heat generated. Be very careful with electronics and respect all safety requirements of the power supply you choose! If in doubt, go and buy a case.

Step 1: Firstly you will need to download the PDF guide with dimensions and template, for making a simple 3U cardboard enclosure - using a pair of 84HP Tiptop Z-Rails, a Tiptop uZeus, double-wall cardboard and tape.

Step 2: Watch the video and print the guide PDF without rescaling. Carefully, using scalpel and cutting mat, cut the required pieces. Use the guide to trace and cut the end pieces, using it to mark the guide holes for final assembly.

Step 3: Assemble and tape together. Ensure the four top pieces are placed on top of the base rather than to the side of it. Use an awl or cocktail stick to enlarge screw holes and then screw in rails carefully. Done!

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