WIN a Blackheart 100-watt half-stack

Make sure you're heard with this two-channel, four-mode monster

Blackheart amp

Blackheart ( has made big news over the last couple of years with its low output valve amps. The company has become a talking point across the internet, openly recommending modifications to its mini-titans.

Now Blackheart has stepped out of the sub 50-watt cellar and released the 100-watt Hot Head. It´s a four-mode brute, featuring six 12AX7 preamp valves and four EL34 valves in the power amp.

Operating in Class A or B, with either Pentode or Triode mode and two channels (LOUD or F´N LOUD), it´s possible to take the output from a vintage-style 30-watt class A valve amp to a full 100 watts of high-gain power.

Other cool features include separate EQ controls for each channel and a valve-driven effects loop that can be switched between series and parallel. What´s more, when the effects loop is hard bypassed, it can be used as a boost switch instead!

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