Weirdest Band Riders Ever!

Band riders. A constant source of hassle for promoters. What will they ask for next?

Some bands just want beer and pizza. Others aren't quite so easy to please.

Here's a selection of some of the funniest, and downright outrageous items demanded for when this lot come off stage...

Def Leppard - very, very small plums.

Motley Crue - Grey Poupon dijon mustard

Keith Richards - Norah Jones

James Brown - two girls under 21

David Hasselhoff - a life size cut-out of...David Hasselhoff

Bon Jovi - two large Squeegees

Gorgoroth - 50 sheep heads and one carpenter

Pink Floyd - a miniature golf course

Lil Kim - three walls covered in pink fluff

Tenacious D - Three whores, houmous