Vid Of The Week #3: Frusciante's Squeezy Soul

We were listening to the Chili Peppers' Greatest Hits in the office this week and it made us yet again realise just how cool a guitarist John Frusciante is.

One of our favourite Frusciante moments appears on a track called 'Soul To Squeeze', which until their Greatest Hits came out wasn't available on CD or any album at all.

The song was actually recorded during the sessions for BloodSugarSexMagik in 1991. Check out the video below, taken from the documentary Funky Monks, which was filmed during the BSSM recording sessions in a Hollywood Hills mansion.

The bit we love comes at 4:30, when Johnny boy (who is only 21 in this video) improvises some seriously tasty licks up and down the fretboard of his Strat, taking Flea's simple bassline to a completely different level.

He then spent five years taking heroin in his apartment. John Frusciante, we salute you.