The Who Remixed By Slash And, Erm,…

A remix of The Who classic ‘My Generation´ by and

Slash made its debut on Sunday at Super Bowl XLV (sort of like the American FA

Cup, but longer and with more food).

While TG did not actually watch the game, we´re fairly sure
- at least from the films that we´ve seen - that much blood was shed and that there
were tears and glory of biblical proportions.

As always, just as much fuss was made about the half-time
entertainment as the game itself and this year it was the turn of British rock
legends The Who. As the small time-frame didn´t allow for a support act,
Townshend and co warmed up the crowd with´s remix of their classic
‘My Generation´.

Fortunately for everyone involved, it´s also had Slash onboard
and he whipped out a nice, crackly solo before the whole thing turned into a
bizarre skank, slightly reminiscent of Guns N´ Roses´ cover of ‘Live And Let

You can hear it below (no proper video yet) and all proceeds
from the sale of the remix go towards the Haitian earthquake appeal. Therefore
if you do decide that you secretly quite like the track, you have a legitimate
reason for buying it.

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