The Monster Riffs are coming! Tell TG your favourites...

This week at TG towers we have mostly been ‘getting our riff on´. Come the summer months (11 June, to be precise) we´ll be unleashing TG203, our Monster Riffs issue and we´re already thinking about deserving entries to the Valhalla-like great-hall where all Monster Riffs reside.

As we´re sure you´re aware by now, the TG staff have more than enough opinion to go around, but we´d like to hear what riffs are currently doing the job for you. We´re talking the kind that can raise the hairs on Hetfield´s back.

We´re not interested in just the heavy stuff either, we know there´s as much worth in the licks of Nick Zinner and Jack White, Nile Rodgers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Lennon… Well, you get the picture!

We want to know your favourite riff (song title), the player and why you like it.

To let us know what you think, just comment in the box below, or alternatively you can get in touch with us on Twitter (


), or Facebook (

), using the hashtag #MonsterRiffs before mid-April.

Our pick of the best will be featured in the mag, so get thinking! Here's some inspiration for you...

Matthew Parker

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