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TG203 Audio: Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash signature pickups

Our audio demos for the Seymour Duncan's Alnico Pro II Slash signature pickups are based around a short classic rock riff and a solo.

We used IK Multimedia's AmpliTube III for our guitar sounds and, in the name of consistency, we kept the same settings for each part so you can hear how the pickups relate to each other. While we could have gone to town with compression, delay and wah sounds, we decided to keep the tones as simple as possible so that you can get more of a feel for each pickup's true sound.

We used Logic Express 9 as our main recording DAW, as well as providing the bass guitar, and programmed our drum sounds using the excellent Steven Slate Drums library.

Check out TG203 (on sale 11 June) for our full review.

Rhythm - neck pickup

This clip uses the neck humbucker panned centrally, accompanied by our bass and drum tracks.

Rhythm - bridge pickup

Next, we played the same part again using the bridge humbucker. As above, it's panned straight down the middle, with the first neck part muted.

Solo - neck pickup

With each rhythm part panned left and right respectively, we played a short lead break over the top using the neck pickup.

Solo - bridge pickup

For our final example, we muted the neck position solo and re-played it using the bridge humbucker while keeping the other tracks the same.

Check out TG203 (on sale 11 June) for our full review.