Randall Vs Kirk Hammett Signature Amps!

Metallica's Kirk Hammett has teamed up with Randall to design an extensive line of signature amps that emulate the Metallica axeman's distinctive tones.

The full line of Kirk Hammett amps, heads, combos and preamp modules will allow guitar players around the world - from beginners to professionals - to harness the sound he uses both in the studio and on tour.

“Old-school tones and new-school technology attracted me to the potential that Randall amps have to offer,” said the Hamster. “I feel tonally emancipated.”

Doug Reynolds of Randall said “Guitarists everywhere will be blown away with kirk's new line of signature products.”

Kirk is currently using Randall gear while recording Metallica´s ninth studio album - set to be released next year. The album is being produced by Rick Rubin and will be the bands´ first release since St. Anger in 2003...