Paul 'KISS' Stanley: "Modern Bands Are Pathetic"

KISS axeman Paul Stanley reckons modern bands are "useless" and rock and roll is "in a pathetic state."

To counter the supposed lull in rock he is promising value for money during KISS's upcoming Australian mini-tour.

"Good economy or no economy, we have no intentions of stopping," he said.

"We gave up doing this for money a long time ago, we love it, but we still get paid."

"Rock and roll is in a pathetic state. Bands think they can can get up on stage and strum their guitars and then download it — it's useless and pathetic. We're sick and tired of seeing bands getting up on stage and not giving value for your buck."

Not one to mince his words, he concluded: "KISS music is universal, ageless — we always find a new audience. We don't need to to look for an audience — the audience finds us."