Page Attempts To Kill Own Credibility

In a bold move to completely destroy his credibility, Jimmy Page will perform alongside Leona Lewis at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The legendary axeman will play Led Zep classic Whole Lotta Love, presumably while the X Factor winner attempts to rock out on vocals.

Leona's bassist Guy Pratt let slip what song they would perform in a post on his blog: "You may also be interested to know that when Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis perform 'Whole Lotta Love' at the end of the Olympics, that´s me playing bass on it," he writes, somewhat hopefully.

Has the concept of musical integrity completely vanished? First Slash duets with Fergie, then Page and Lewis... what on earth's next? An interesting new adaptation of The Who's rock opera Tommy to suit the vocal range of The Cheeky Girls?