New Petrucci Baritone

Dream Theatre axeman John Petrucci has a new signature baritone on the market made by Ernie Ball Music Man.

Toeing the line between a guitar and a bass, the John Petrucci Baritone offers all the attributes of the TG Guitarist Of The Year's Ball Family Reserve (BFR) guitar plus a few extras including Music Man´s first 27.5-inch scale body.

The flatter mahogany/rosewood fretboard neck has a 15-inch radius and 24 frets, and the guitar is equipped with one DiMarzio Custom Humbucker Pickup in the neck and one DiMarzio D-Sonic Humbucker Pickup in the bridge.

The baritone, which uses Custom RPS Slinkys tuned B-flat to B-flat is offered in a range of Music Man colors. The UK price is yet to be announced.