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New Ibanez RGD Guitars - No More Slack Strings For Down-tuners!

Ibanez has announced some new additions to the RG series, the RGD range. According
to Tom Appleton - who kindly took our sister site through the
firm´s 2010 offerings at NAMM (video here) - the guitars have been designed
specifically to accommodate down-tuners.

Ibanez seem to have thought of everything with these guitars and they come tuned
to D as standard, but with the option to tune as low as B, without losing
playability. Other features include specially designed pickups (VK-DT Down
Tunz), Prestige Wizard necks, long neck scales (26.5-inch) and deeper cut-aways
to allow comfortable access to the higher frets.

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The range will consist of four instruments of varying specifications and
price points, including a rather bestial seven stringer, the catchily-named RGD2127ZISH. Check
out the Ibanez website for more information.