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Mesa/Boogie Unveils TransAtlantic TA-15 “Lunchbox” Head. And It’s Pretty…

Mesa/Boogie Transatlantic TA-15 Total Guitar Amplifier.JPG

High-end American amp manufacturer Mesa/Boogie has unveiled its own version of the 'lunchbox' head, the TransAtlantic TA-15 (

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for a closer look), and it seems to be one of the most versatile available.

Not only does the thing look nice enough to bring home and show to your mother, it´s also capable of being nasty when the lights are out. Or even when they´re on, thanks to the two EL84 and four 12AX7 tubes hidden inside.

According to Mesa, the TA-15 can operate at five, 15 or 25 watts allowing players to crank out overdriven tones at lower volumes, or to roll off the crunch at higher volumes. The ‘TransAtlantic´ moniker refers to the five Style Modes (two clean, three overdriven) based on classic British and American amplifier sounds.

The Transatlantic TA-15 is set to retail at around £1,099 and it should see UK distribution around May/June. That´s four months to save up, failing that you´ll find TG down the nearest branch of HSBC armed with nothing but a water pistol and a slightly crazed look in our eye(s).

The Mesa/Boogie TransAtlantic TA-15 features in our Hot 10 For 2010 in TG199 (on-sale now).