Kerry King Inspired By Trivium!

Kerry King has revealed to TG that watching Trivium guitarists Matt and Corey shred inspires Slayer to play better themselves!

The King said he's looking forward to tearing up British venues alongside Trivium when they co-headline this autumn's UK tour.

Although he admits a degree of bafflement when it comes to the co-headlining status of the two bands in the UK, when Slayer are the sole headliner everywhere else ("I just don't get it," he shrugged), Kerry revealed he definitely admires the guitar skills of Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu. King with The Bloody Reign Of Slayer, June 2008.jpg

"They're just about the last of the new wave of guitar bands that we haven't toured with yet," he told TG's Joel McIver. "I'll be at the side of the stage watching them. Great players like that make us want to do better!"

Kerry also gave the thumbs up (in typically deadbeat fashion) to Joel's new book, The Bloody Reign Of Slayer,, which was published this week and is available at all bookstores and at