Interview Good Charlotte!

Interview good charlotte

Interview good charlotte

Image: © Brian Patterson/Corbis

Good Charlotte are passing through the UK this February and TG is giving you the chance to ask guitarists Benji and Billy everything you want to know.

If you've got something you want to ask the band, just get in touch via the Total Guitar Twitter or Facebook pages or by emailing with your name, location and question.

Maybe you want to know who their favourite players are, how they came up with a certain riff or tone, or even just want kind of strings they use? Now's your chance to ask!

Finally, remember we're a guitar mag, so although we may slip in a few general ones, if you ask a question about their guitar-playing, you're much more likely to get it answered.

If we pick your question, you'll win a set of D'Adarrio strings and feature in our April issue (TG213 - 18 March to 14 April).

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