How To Remember Those Riffs You Wrote...

Hey guys,

I've hit a problem. Recently I started a band with a few friends and whilst in the desolate wastes of the supermarket I work at I hum new riffs to myself.

Problem is when I hit a good one [being at work] I'll have to think about something else and I'll loose the riff completely. As you can guess it's quite annoying!

Got any tips or tricks to remembering them?

Rob, Derby

TG responds:

Hi Rob,

This can be a common problem - we've interviewed loads of guitarists who reckon some of the greatest riffs they've ever written are still languishing at the far recesses of their memories!

The best thing to do to make sure you don't forget those inspirational moments is to carry a small recorder on you all the time. Try THIS ONE out - it's what we use to do all our interviews. It's small, easy to use and can fit in your pocket.

That way, when inspiration strikes you can humn the riff straight into the microphone and it will be stored safely ready to be pulled out at your next band rehearsal!