Homme Planning New QOTSA Album

Josh Homme is itching to record a new album with the latest incarnation of Queens Of The Stone Age.
The band now sports a line up that includes Michael Shuman (Wires On Fire) and Dean Fertita (The Raconteurs) plus Joey Castillo and Troy Van Leeuwen who joined in 2002.

Homme told Billboard: "The other night we were up 'til six in the morning, all of us playing guitar."

"Queens sounds better than it ever has live but we're trying to figure out how to tour and how to (write and record). For everyone right now the idea of creating something is even more enticing than going on the road. This line up feels like we could basically blow through a whole record quick."

Homme says that the quintet may release an EP or two before unleashing a full length album although he is unsure if Interscope will be pleased with that idea after they turned down the release of an ‘Era Vulgaris´ outtakes record.

Elsewhere Homme says he has definite plans for a QOTSA tour DVD and live album while some songs are being rewritten to best fit the current line up.