Help Dean recover its Dimebag D100 amp head!

Dean dime d100 amp head

Dean dime d100 amp head

Dean Guitars UK distributor, Bill Lewington, is offering a reward for information leading to the return of its missing DIME D100 amp head.

The amp is an early prototype of a Dimebag Darrell inspired model and the only one of its kind in the UK. It's a very distinctive looking head (with 'Dime' branded on it) and the company are urging dealers and players alike to keep their eyes peeled.

The head went missing at Hard Rock Hell festival in Prestatyn, North Wales on 5 December - the same week that marked the sixth anniversary of Dimebag's passing - and Bill Lewington is offering a Dean Guitars goody bag to whoever finds it. As if that wasn't enough persuasion, is also offering a generous £1,000 reward for its return.

Dean UK's artist relations man, Matt Speed, told RockAAA: "I was working at Hard Rock Hell anyway so I gave it to the guys on the third stage to use if anyone didn't bring an amp - quite a lot didn't. I went back at the end of the festival to find it missing. I had it less than a week - and it's gone."

The distributor is officially considering the disappearance of the amp an innocent mistake and just wants the head returned as soon as possible. Anyone with information should contact them on

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