Help break a world record THIS Friday!

At the stroke of 3pm, Friday I will lead a pretty damn huge crowd of guitarists through a rendition of the riff for Smoke On The Water in an attempt to wee all over the world record for this kind of thing. To break the record we need 1,722 pluckers (well, 1,721, if you include me). We've planned the record attempt for Friday, as that's Music Live's Entertainment Day and there will be several thousand school kids already in attendance. So, in theory, breaking the record should be a dawdle! Apparently, Sky TV are going to film us - so if we do set a new record, you might be seen on TV! I've never been on television, so personally, I'm quite excited about that. I'd love to see as many of you readers there. Imagine breaking the record - it would be awesome to know we're in the Guinness Book of World Records, don't you reckon?! For more info, visit Remember to bring a guitar!

Steve Lawson