Gallows Blog: Lags On The Studio...

Hertfordshire punks Gallows are one of the hottest guitar acts in the UK thanks to their 2006 debut

Orchestra Of Wolves


The band is currently in the studio working on the follow-up with producer Garth Richardson, and guitarists Laurent 'Lags' Barnard and Steph Carter will be checking in with TG every two weeks to update us with their progress!

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Hey TG readers!

Lags Barnard

It´s been 3 weeks since Garth has been in England and we spent week one together working on pre-production. This was a definite first for Gallows and we didn´t really know what was meant to happen in this short period...! Metaphorically speaking, pre-production is the dress rehearsal before the first night performance. You make sure you have everything you need and know exactly what to do when you hit the studio.

We moved into Rak studios on the 8th September and we´re currently living among the “A-listers” in St Johns Wood. Being in such a sweet location meant a few late nights in the first week but we eventually settled in and got hard at work with the drums. There´s so much preparation in getting everything to sound just right that most of the time you´re doing more listening than playing.

We´re currently working on the bass guitars. Stu´s nailing the tracks pretty swiftly and my only fear is when he´s done I might get coaxed into going out with him to celebrate, then wake up with a hangover and have to start cranking some amps. Not sure my head could handle that.

So far its been a really amazing experience. We´re all really happy working with Garth Richardson and his engineer Ben Kaplin. The hardest thing is waiting to record guitars simply because Steph and I can´t physically wait much longer!


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