Face cream you apply with a plectrum?

These days it seems you aren't truly emo unless you have a lily-white complexion and a six pack. But whilst they can't help you with the washboard stomach (get to the gym you sofa-dwelling starchy foodstuff!), Davi Skincare has come up with a unique way of getting your leathery old boat as smooth as Gerard Way's arse... you slap it on using the (supplied) ‘guitar pick applicator!´
Rockers who pamper themselves with Davi´s Le Grand Cru face cream include Prince, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 plus members of Kasabian and Kaiser Chiefs. Not exactly the grisliest bunch, but in these metrosexual times we can imagine the likes of Lemmy and Slash dabbing it on whilst lapping Jack Daniels from the closest groupie´s cleavage. Possibly…
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