Blog Of The Week: Not Playing Guitar

This week's Blog Of The Week is the very informative Not Playing Guitar.

Even at TG, we're aware that you (apparently) cannot spend ALL of your time indulging in six-string dalliances. However, it's not unreasonable to spend any of the time you're not playing the damn thing, to be reading about it, watching related videos and generally researching your favourite hobby.

With that in mind, we thoroughly enjoy the approach of the Not Playing Guitar blog's author Gary Fletcher. The site's tagline "If you're reading this then you're not practicing guitar. But then again, you might learn something useful..." sums it up nicely, although perhaps not succinctly!

"I started Not Playing Guitar as a fun way to find out what I knew and didn't know so well about playing guitar," says Gary. "As a mostly 'self-taught' guitar player I've had a lot of help from great information on the Internet, so it was also a way of giving back a bit… Feedback from readers who have benefited from the site has been a very nice reward too."

"I have a lot of ideas for the future. I'd like to improve the blog design to make it easier to find stuff and give it a funkier feel too. Themed pages to tie up related lessons will be one way of doing this."

"[My] future direction will probably be some new sites focused on specific topics and I have already started a blues guitar site ( dedicated to one of my personal favourite styles."

Check out Not Playing Guitar and head back this way for more of TG's Blogs Of The Week.

Blog of the week: not playing guitar

Blog of the week: not playing guitar
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