Two Drummers Drumming podcast

“The audience will walk out knowing how to play the drums… or at least how to behave like a drummer! Either way they´ll walk with pride,” Dodgy´s Math Priest told Rhythm about his forthcoming Edinburgh Festival comedy Two Drummers Drumming. And now you can hear the Dodgy geezer and Rhythm demo reviewer and his comedy partner Maurice Bacon (drummer with The Love Affair) talk more about the show in a podcast they recorded for Word magazine.

As anyone who´s already read the exclusive Two Drummers Drumming feature in this month´s Rhythm magazine will know, these guys are hilarious. In the podcast, too, Math and Maurice talk about their live show, which is a mixture of comedy and drumming, including traditional drumming jokes and a few new ones - from the soon-to-be legendary ‘drumming generator´ that Math´s setting up.

As drummers lashing back against the stereotype of ‘rock drummers´, Maurice and Math have an easy-going attitude which means they´re sure to be entertaining - and let a few juicy morsels of drum gossip slip. As Math says, “it´s not about how good you are, it´s about the fun you can have, the stories you can tell, and how much you can get away with.”