Turning Japanese

Prepare to pick your jaw off the floor for the Yamato Drummers of Japan, the high-energy percussion performance group planning their return to London's West End next month, a decade on from their West End debut.

From Wednesday 19 to Sunday 30 March 2008, West London will quiver with the awesome sights and sounds of the ancient art of Japanese Taiko drumming as the group stage the UK premiere their new show 'Shin-on (Heartbeat)', which sees 10 performers display their breathtaking expertise on 20 drums, varying from huge barrel-like Odaiko drums to hand-held instruments. Exquisite bronze cymbals, Shami-sen drums, bold vocals and bamboo flutes also feature, stirring up a kaleidoscope of sound which builds from delicate tapping to explosions of thundering beats. The theatrical spectacle is also physically astounding, with drums measuring up to six feet in diameter and requiring considerable athleticism to play. And we thought Terry Bozzio had his work cut out...

The performances will take place at the Peacock Theatre, 19 to 30 March. For tickets and booking information, call 0844 412 4300 or visit www.sadlerswells.com.