Tommy Lee talks 'Glam-A-Gedon'



Demand from the fans has been the driving force behind Mötley Crüe's decision to team up with glam rivals Poison, Tommy Lee has revealed.

The ridiculously energetic drummer told ArtistDirect all about the reasons behind the Crüe touring with Rikki Rockett's band of poodle permed, pouting hair rockers.

He said: "For a while, it's something that the fans have been asking for. When promoters and enough people start asking you to do something, you're like, "Ah, okay, cool! Let's go do it!"

Tommy also spilled the beans on a new Mötley record, and it turns out that, er…there's no beans to spill.

He explained: "We haven't started yet. Nikki [Sixx, bass] and I have both been busy making music for other projects. Everybody has been doing his thing. A lot of times, we write shit during soundcheck.

"I'm sure this summer we'll end up throwing some s*** down. We'll see what happens as far as new music goes."

Rich Chamberlain

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