Stone Sour producer: I time how long it takes drummers to mention Bonham

Stone sour

Stone sour

David Bottrill (Muse/Tool/Silverchair) has just finished up work on the new Stone Sour album, and he revealed to us that while every drummer he works with mentions Bonham, Roy Mayorga was quicker than most to reference the Led Zep sticksman.

"Roy set up a few different kits," the producer explained. "One was the metal kit, one was the Bonham kit. I always time how many days it is I'm working on a project before John Bonham gets mentioned.

"It happens every time. It was about 20 minutes with Stone Sour! Every drummer wants to play like Bonham at one point or another, and why not? The guy was one of the most iconic drummers ever in his feeling and his playing."

Stone Sour release House of Gold and Bones on 22 October.

Rich Chamberlain

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