Robin Guy drops in ahead of Christmas show

Robin guy

Robin guy

Workaholic sticksman Robin Guy has given us an update of his typically packed schedule, and it seems that he isn't letting up for an early Christmas break.

Robin filled us in on gigs, rehearsals and god knows what else with Tigertailz, Space Odic Samurai, Eat This, Rachel Stamp, Sack Trick and man, many more, as well as his teaching commitments.

Of course, it would be no fun at all if all ran smoothly, and Robin has faced a few bumps in the road over the last few weeks.

He explains: "I think round about the 7th (December) my boiler packed up, so I haven't had any heat in my flat since then, or had any time to buy any food. Croydon got hit pretty bad with snow and freezing temps, which made my car battery die.

"My internet's been up and down like a porn star's yo-yo and my phone's on it's last legs. Other than that, it's business as usual!"

Thankfully, Robin has told us that none of this will affect his latest show - a Christmas gig at the Scala with Tigertailz tonight (Thursday 16 December). To get a taster of what you can expect to see at the show take a look at this fire-heavy solo clip.

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