Rob Zombie talks drummers



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Rob Zombie has spoken about his revolving drum throne, as Ginger Fish prepares to step in for Joey Jordison.

Zombie told the Huffington Post about the switch.

He said: "Ginger has not actually toured or played with us yet. He did a couple of warm-up shows a couple of months ago, right before we left for Europe, but our other drummer, Joey Jordison who was on loan from Slipknot, was our drummer at the time.

"The dates got crossed and Ginger was just filling in, but since that time — I don't know if it's just because Ginger had so much fun with us when we were on tour — he quit Marilyn Manson and was free. Our other drummer, Joey, had to go back to Slipknot, so — 1,2,3."

Fish quit as Marilyn Manson drummer back in February. You can read all about that right here.

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