Rhythm Hot Band: The Kayas



Band: The Kayas

Drummer: Tomos Jarvis

Who are they? Indie rock four piece ready to take 2011 by storm

Sound like: Oasis, Arctic Monkeys

Why should you check them out: The Kayas pack an instantly catchy sound that combines a strange mix of Oasis-like Brit pop and angsty indie rock. The Kayas (in this day and age) would commonly be placed among the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, however there is a unique difference which needs to be considered and that is singer Ad Edwards with his attitude ridden, blunt vocals and the guitar driven rock songs which we have been craving since the demise of Brit pop.

Thumping beats by Premier-playing drummer Tomos Jarvis help you to imagine the new age mod rockers grab their highly buttoned jackets and join Viva Brother at the head of the Brit pop revival.

Go to: www.thekayasmusic.com

Download: 'I Have Been Waiting'