Queensryche drummer launches Hollywood Loops



© Paul Hebert/Corbis

The excellently-named Scott Rockenfield has launched a brand new company specialising in producing music and beats for TV, films and games.

Rockenfield, sticksman for prog journeymen Queensryche, has put together Hollywood Loops.

He told RoadrunnerRecords.com: "After 30 years of playing drums in Queensryche and over two decades of composing music for film, television and multimedia, I am very fortunate to now have a team of the most talented music professionals worldwide.

"Our focus at Hollywood Loops is to combine these talents and produce the most useful and creative sounds yet available. We hope you enjoy our first product Methane and we are eager to hear your feedback. We have many more products currently in production and we hope you will be as excited about these new products as we are. Good luck with all your projects and always have FUN...!"

Rockenfield is also keeping himself busy with his day job, with a new Queensryche album set to drop next year.

Rich Chamberlain

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