Mike Portnoy: Never say never to Dream Theater reunion



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Another day, another story from the Dream Theater camp. This time it's from Mike Portnoy, who has refused to rule out the possibility of rejoining the prog maestros.

Talking to JAM about whether he would reunite with the band, Portnoy said: "I never say never. They've moved on and I've moved on. Mike Mangini's an amazing drummer. But if the opportunity presented itself a few years down the road and I was available, I would definitely consider it. That band was my heart and soul for 25 years. There's too much history there to ignore."

Portnoy also had a few words to say about the sound of his new band, Adrenaline Mob.

He added: "People need to realize before they even pop in our CD or come to one of our shows that if they're expecting anything in the vein of Dream Theater or Symphony X they're in for a shock because this is a whole other animal. Russ and I have been doing progressive metal forever and we both wanted to do something different."

Rich Chamberlain

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